The Machine is about being trapped in the corporate system, working for "The Man" and dreaming of getting out and living a simpler life.  The system enslaves us, wears us down, particularly in the digital age where we are bombarded with constant information, and invasive and incessant media. 
I wrote this song whilst working for a corporation, which was slowly destroying and sucking the life out of me.  I felt this couldn’t be what life was all about, so I wanted to make a break, to change things so that I could live a life where I called the shots  -  in essence, a life free of the Machine.


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A collection of the first 4 singles released by Martin Paul Cuthew. 


Stand Tall - (released 27-11-20)
Calling Out My Name - (released 05-03-21)
Home - (released 04-06-21)
Just Believe The Truth - (released 01-14-22)


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Just Believe The Truth is about the trials and tribulations of being in a long-term relationship with someone. There are sometimes fights and disagreements; tears and pain, but the most important thing is that you know you love each other unconditionally, despite the challenges you face together. It's about ignoring all the external "noise" in the world - the distractions, things vying for your attention, of which there is more and more of these days - and focusing on what we believe is right deep inside.
If you want proof of why you should work to stay together, you need look no further than the truth ... that love is worth fighting for. You will find a way back to each other. Your love will cross the widest ocean and bridge the deepest canyon.


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