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It's with great pleasure and pride I can say my 'Erosion & Evolution' EP is OUT !!!

'Erosion & Evolution' is a collection of 5 songs exploring change ... needing to make a change, loss of what we used to have, personal growth and acceptance of what one cannot change.

"These songs are the most introspective and vulnerable that I have recorded to date. They were all written during a difficult time in my life. There is pain, cynicism and uncertainty in them, as well as a yearning for something better and for personal freedom. It felt like my life was falling apart - an 'erosion' of who I was. But there is also a defiance in them saying 'I will not let things get the better of me', 'I can move forward if I work at it' - I can rise above it all and experience peace and a personal 'evolution'".

An excerpt from a review of the EP by KMS Reviews ...

" ... the EP is an outstanding emotional work ... A lot of heart, soul, and personal experience went into these tracks, and it absolutely shows .... the EP can be seen as a multitalent: it’s an advisor, a friend, a mentor, a storybook, and a guide" 


The official music video for my new track 'The Machine' is now on YouTube!!