Martin Paul Cuthew is a seasoned singer/guitarist and songwriter with over 20 years and 500 gigs worth of experience. He has performed all around London and the South-East, including famous venues The Half Moon Putney and Dublin Castle, Camden, as well as the international Greenbelt festival.

His influences, ranging from Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and Biffy Clyro to Pink Floyd, Oasis and Coldplay, have shaped his soulful acoustic-rock sound. His debut EP ‘Erosion & Evolution’ was acclaimed by KMS Reviews as an “outstanding emotional work”, blending introspective lyrics with vibrant sonic textures. Martin's repertoire spans 60 years of classic covers alongside his original compositions, which he brings to life on stage with a stompbox, backing beats and live-looping.

Currently, Martin is building a global audience with his "Acoustic Sessions" YouTube series, collaborating on new material with his lyricist partner Lauren, while maintaining a presence in South-East England's festival and live music scene.