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It's with great pleasure and pride I can say my 'Erosion & Evolution' EP is OUT !!!

'Erosion & Evolution' is a collection of 5 songs exploring change ... needing to make a change, loss of what we used to have, personal growth and acceptance of what one cannot change.

"These songs are the most introspective and vulnerable that I have recorded to date. They were all written during a difficult time in my life. There is pain, cynicism and uncertainty in them, as well as a yearning for something better and for personal freedom. It felt like my life was falling apart - an 'erosion' of who I was. But there is also a defiance in them saying 'I will not let things get the better of me', 'I can move forward if I work at it' - I can rise above it all and experience peace and a personal 'evolution'".

An excerpt from a review of the EP by KMS Reviews ...

" ... the EP is an outstanding emotional work ... A lot of heart, soul, and personal experience went into these tracks, and it absolutely shows .... the EP can be seen as a multitalent: it’s an advisor, a friend, a mentor, a storybook, and a guide" 


The official music video for my new track 'The Machine' is now on YouTube!!


The switch in the guitar and synth tones are effortlessly matched by the luminously humanist soul projected through the lyrics and optimism-inspiring vocals, which spoke to [us] on a level that normally only James Dean Bradfield reaches.” - A&R Factory



I am delighted to tell you that my new single 'The Machine' is OUT NOW!!

It is the first track to be taken from my "Erosion & Evolution" EP.

"The Machine" is about being trapped in the corporate system, working for "The Man" and dreaming of getting out and living a simpler life.  The system enslaves us, wears us down, particularly in the digital age where we are bombarded with constant information, and invasive and incessant media.  I wrote this song whilst working for a corporation, which was slowly destroying and sucking the life out of me.  I felt this couldn’t be what life was all about, so I wanted to make a break, to change things so that I could live a life where I called the shots  -  in essence, a life free of the Machine.